The gentleman’s hair.

Hello there,

I recently booked myself in for a haircut and afterwards found that my usual basic wax product (gentleman don’t use fancy hair products) wasn’t getting the slickness that I so desired and my haircut deserved.

So here is a comprehensive list of the products that a gentleman should invest in when looking for the perfect hairstyle.

1. Pomade

Dapper Dan. For those who don't like Fop.

Pomade is a waxy, greasy substance that can last for days in your hair (value for money) and will make you the envy of your friends.  When the main ingredient can be lard or bear fat you know the product is good.

There have been many great technological leaps and bounds with pomade.

I am still looking for a consistent vendor for pomade products so if you know of anywhere please add a comment.

2. Brylcreem

Often thought to be called ‘brill cream’ (although you’d be horrendously wrong) brylcreem is a staple of the men’s bathroom cabinet.  Brylcreem goes on smooth and makes your hair gloss for hours and more.

Don't just let me tell you though, let this advertisement sell the products on the right.

The best thing about brylcreem is that it can be found at any supermarket (and I mean any).  If you can’t find it in the ‘hair product’ aisle of your supermarket that is because  it’s not there.  Brylcreem is usually located with the shaving equipment since it is much more gentlemanly than “garnier” hair products and the like.

This man performs a brush dance while looking very smooth. If you look at the slogan at the bottom you'll see that brylcreem can also increase your hair's I.Q.

So there you have it, a comprehensive list.

Now you have no excuse not to look as slick as Cary Grant.

G.O. Brixley