The gentleman’s bicycle

Good day,

Every good gentleman knows how to travel in style. And there is one mode of transport, that we have neglected so far, the humble bicycle.

A gentleman values the dual purpose of the bicycle in transporting one’s self (perhaps to the local reform club, or a nearby university to give a guest lecture), and keeping a gentlemanly physique. Remember, the gentleman does not go out of his way to shed kilos – as it is not a useful way to spend time with so many different scotches to sample – but bicycling nonetheless has happy side-effects.

A gentleman taking his favourite lady for a ride to the ‘fake scenery’ shoppe.

Of course, penny-farthings are now a dated form of transport. The modern gentleman may ride a more contemporary form of bicycle.

But preferably no more contemporary than this. This man is also displaying the importance of posing with your bike.

However there are more to bicycles than just riding. Looking good on your bike is equally important as the convenience.

This man does not even know how to ride a bicycle, but is trying to woo a lady.

Don’t underestimate the power of the bicycle in making friends and wooing women. Few ladies can resist a man on two wheels, flirtatiously ringing their bell and working their spokes.

This started as one man going to his local cigar bar on a bicycle. But it quickly rallied the city’s finest to join him. Scotch and cigar festivities are to follow.

You may think that smoking many cigars may be counteractive to being able to ride your bicycle around. This is untrue. In fact, Fidel Castro himself was known to ride his bicycle from the Plaza de la Revolucion to the Cohiba factory every day.

Also this man, who is the picture of health. Notice the jealous sailors in the background.

And with that, I wish you happy and safe riding. Keep both hands on the bars (unless you have a cigar in one, in which case keep your other hand on the bar… or you have a scotch in the other hand as well, in which case it’s probably better to put your kickstand to good use and have a well-deserved scotch/cigar break).

H.L. Griffith