The gentleman’s gentlelady.

Hello there,

They say that behind every great man is a lady.  For a gentleman this is incorrect since that lady always comes first (or to the opposite side of the road when walking).  There is a simple truth to this and that is women are above men and as such should be treated with more courtesy and respect that your fellow gentleman.

Sean Connery helping a lady with her daily handstand. He knows the heir-achy.

There are a few simple rules that a gentleman can abide by to show the proper respect to the fairer sex.

1. Ladies first.  This means that women are always first do to anything or go anywhere.  This also means that you should hold the door open for ladies so that they may go first.

A gentleman holds the door open for a lady. Not only is it the right thing to do, it will earn the gentleman favour in his courtship.

2. Hats off.  If there is a lady in the room take your hat off.  Also if you are sitting down at a table, rise when the woman rises.

Don Draper takes his hat off when a lady boards the elevator. Correct.

3. Don’t be vulgar when a lady is present.  This rule is self explanatory.

This gentleman holds back on making a double entendre about his turkey in front of this lady.

4. Never show violence towards a lady.  Under no circumstances should a gentleman lay a hand on a lady that is unwarranted or without consent.

Sean Connery shows the height of tenderness towards a lady by drying her hair.

It’s quite simple really.  Although as gentlemen we are the pinnacle of manners, decency, honour and culture we are not above the gentlelady.

A gentleman performs the duties of the lowly caddy for his lady. He takes it in his stride whilst sporting a double breasted jacket.

So there you have it,

G.O. Brixley