The gentleman’s caddy

Hello there,

It’s been a while since I last talked about the gentleman’s game.  Of course I am talking about golf.  Now when playing golf it is important to have clubs, and if you can, try to get someone else to carry them.  In other words, get a caddy.


Here we have a lady employing the caddy to aid her game and also make her look taller.


The caddy has now become a luxury when playing golf.  Back in the days before wheeled golf bags the caddy would carry your clubs and help you select shots based on their in-depth knowledge of the course and their telekinetic abilities that are essential for a good caddy and/or Jedi.


Here we see the lengths a caddy will go to to assist the golfer. I suggest a lofty club when hitting from scaffolding.


Luckily for us the caddy has not become extinct yet.  You can still watch any golf tournament in any country and the golfers will still have a caddy to carry their clubs, and do you know why?  Because they an intrinsic part of the game.


Here we see the caddy giving his advice on a club. It is also important for caddys to be able to kill people with their headwear.


Not many courses provide caddys to assist you any more so what you should do is hire the nextdoor neighbour’s kid to lug your clubs around for a small wage.  This will instil the child with a sense of responsibility, purpose and a mildly sore back.


Look at how much fun the kid from next door is having by carrying your clubs.


So there you have it.


The steely gaze of the caddy lives on. As long as they instill fear in the opposition.


G.O. Brixley