The gentlemanly jumper

Hello there,

I was recently fooled into thinking that the weather was getting warmer.  This was my mistake and I’ll admit that (a gentleman always admits when he’s wrong).  But it has given me a topic to write about.  The humble jumper.


Cary Grant runs out of his cigarette while wearing a jumper and one slick haircut.


After a long winter of jackets and coats it’s nice to retreat to the jumper when the season is having trouble deciding on a climate.


Michael Caine dons the jumper and just look how popular he is with the fairer sex. Very.


The jumper can keep one nice and warm and can look less formal than your typical jacket, but don’t let that stop you going the jacket/jumper combination for a frosty morning.


Clint Eastwood sports the jumper/jacket combination to good effect.


Jumpers come in a range of styles including round neck and v-neck.  Actually those are the only styles but what more could a gentleman want?


Paul Newman chooses the v-neck for his long day of standing around looking nonchalant.


And with the less formal look you can retire your tie for a day and let your neck breathe the sweet scent of spring.


Sean Connery matches his jumper to his golf bag before defeating the Third Reich over 18 holes.


The flexibility that a gentleman has in a jumper also makes it ideal for sports including golf and tennis.


Rene Lacoste never actually won a match but made his name by out-dressing his opponents. Here we see him modeling a jumper for the crowd.


So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley