A Gentleman’s own transportation

To fellow gentlemen,

When one becomes bushed from using the public transport system, the gentleman can choose to purchase an automobile of his own. Given that your particular vehicle must suit your appearance and gentlemanly ways, here’s a quick guide of things to look for in an automobile.


Henry Ford was a catalyst for all gentlemenly transportation


Cigar smoking can prove quite relaxing while driving in your luxurious vehicle, so to avoid making a mess of your foot well upholstery, it must be fitted with ash trays.


Smoking your briar pipe while driving can also be an option.


White wall tires are, always have been, and always will be at the heighth of motorcar fashion


The 1939 Rolls-Royce Phantom III pretty much speaks for itself.


Woodgrain interior is pleasing to the eye, a chamois or polishing cloth can prove useful while waiting for your tweed suit to be dry cleaned. A push button wireless is also essential, this advanced technology will be quite an eye catcher when sporting a young lady to dinner.


You can tour the town while listening to your favourite tunes.


And finally, a picnic rug, a bottle of 40 year port and ciagrs stored in the trunk in case of an emergency breakdown.

NB: Most automobiles don’t come with this as standard so ask for the deluxe model.


This could be you.


Until next time.


C.M. Badger