The gentleman holds his own.

Hello there,

I have noticed that while out on the town I continually see people who have overdone it.  Not only have they disgraced themselves in public, they have usually become either aggressive or uncouth.


Sean Connery counting the number of drinks he's had while he pours another.


Now, I have been known to enjoy an alcoholic beverage or 2 (or a multiple of 2) but a gentleman must always keep his composure.  Knowing ones limits is the gentleman’s game and when he has surpassed those limits he will excuse himself and head home.  It’s that simple.


Don Draper scoffing at a table of drunken louts who don't know when to stop.


If one of your friends has trouble judging his or her own limits they should be notified when they are nearing the line.  And for those who do tend to over-indulge, you should heed your friends advice, they are only trying to do the gentlemanly thing.


Some louts try to force Cary Grant to drink more than he wants. Philistines.


So next time you’re out on the town having a Scotch or some lesser drink, just remember to keep your composure and know when to stop.  You don’t want to be the one regretting your behavior for making unfavorable impressions on people.


Bogart tossing up whether to call it a night or not.


So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley