Gentleman vocabulary

Hello there,

As a gentleman you will no doubt read many books (from your private library) and have a vast vocabulary with which to best relay the Queen’s English.

However there are some words or phrases that have dropped out of common gentlemanly use and that you should be aware of how to use properly.

Bully: Adjective

To be used in place of ‘very good’.  For example if I asked a friend “How did you find the soiree last night?” they might reply “I had a bully time” to which I would reply “Bully”.


Gordon Bennett

To be used as an exclamation of surprise or incredulity.  This is a good replacement for the more explicit exclamations that one can use.  A good supplement especially where ladies are present.

Gordon Bennett. Not as shocked as his name would otherwise suggest.

Chicanery: Noun

A type of deceit or trickery.  To be used when referring to either a deceitful act that one has perpetrated on your good self or when referring to the Pakistani cricket team.

A gentleman's expression after just uncovering some chicanery.

Spondulicks: Noun

When doing business with the Yanks one might have to make sure they know this word as it is a term they use for money.  Well at least they did use it when I was there.  Although that was before they became United.

Reagan knew the value of a spondulick.

Rambunctious: Adjective

Another word for loud and boisterous.  A good way to describe what happened at your last soiree after you drank all the alcohol, “It got rather rambunctious”.  Or to describe your friend who can’t hold his Scotch at the aforementioned soiree, “Well, he got quite rambunctious after he drank all the 21 year old.”

Quite the rambunctious party.

Well there is your first collection of good words to use and know the meaning of.

Please feel free to add your own to this post.

Until then.

G.O. Brixley