Gentlemanly occupations.

Why hullo there,

Whilst at my place of work today, I realised that there are but few suitable places of work for a gentleman. A gentleman must have a job, otherwise how else would he afford expensive scotches, liqueurs, tailored suits and the finest Cubans (who personally roll cigars for him)?

HL Griffith would take time to read the news to his cigar rollers before heading to his place of work. His factory has now been shut down for undisclosed reasons.

All the gentlemanly deeds in the world can be undone by a job that meets not the lofty prestige attached to a true gentleman. Of course, one would always open a door for the fairer sex, but would one open doors for people for a living?

Below is an excerpt of a list of gentlemanly jobs.

1. World War 2 fighter pilot,
2. Lead trumpet/singer in a swing band.
3. Physicist between the years of 1890 and 1925,
4. Jeweller,
5. Cobbler,
6. Socialist Socialite
7. Golfer, Tennis player or pre-1960s cricketer

Rene Lacoste works on his backhand in gentlemanly fashion.

Now, I know what you’re saying, we do not all have sporting ability, jewelers’ dexterity, ‘old  money’ or the ability to choose what era we were born in. These are all good points, and therein lies today’s lesson.

Since 1945 the need for World War 2 fighter pilots has dried up.

A gentleman is not required to wear his best-tailored suit to his job. Nor is he required to perform tasks that were in great demand in 19th century London but have limited relevance today. A gentleman may save smoking cigars, drinking scotch whilst sailing the Caribbean in his yacht and lounging in his expensive, mahogany-laden drawing room for the evenings if he truly must. But a true gentleman will bring a touch of gentlemanly class to however he spends his time. Be it by opening the door for a lady, wearing a collared shirt while everyone else basks in polar fleece and cross trainers, or having a cigar for lunch instead of a sandwich.

Nothing got Einstein's brain more ready for equations than holding his pipe in front of his sternum before having a puff

Having said that, do not discount throwing it all in, starting out again as a shoe-shiner and working your way up to the top of a multi-national steam-ship courier company… It’s a well-documented and virtually fail-safe career plan.

Until next time,

H.L. Griffith