5 items a gentleman should have.

Hello there,

I was riding the streetcar the other day on my way to a Scotch tasting when it occurred to me that I could think of 5 items in my boudoir that a gentleman could not go without.

And here they are.

1. A humidor.  The cigar humidor is not only an essential for the gentleman, it is a requirement.  Where else would one put their cigars?  Unless you can set your private sauna to 70% humidity (which is a good idea actually) you should invest in a humidor.  You don’t want to be smoking brittle, dried up cigars do you? Exactly.


One of the great gentlemanly activities is rearranging your humidor.


2. A desk.  This might seem like an obvious thing but all gentlemen should have desks.  A desk can be used for many things; writing letters to people, signing heavy leather bound documents, putting your feet on after a long day of gentlemanly activities and putting your newly acquired humidor on.


I suggest mahogany.


3. A serving tray.  As you should be well on your way to a healthy Scotch and spirit collection you will no doubt need a serving tray.  Pick the Scotch you enjoy to drink most regularly, a vodka, a gin and 4 glasses on your  serving tray along with a bottle of mixer on hand and some ice.  This will ensure that you can fix a drink at the drop of a hat.  Which leads me to my next point.

4.  A hat and coat stand.  You wouldn’t want to be left holding your hat and coat, so why make your guests?  A simple coat stand will alleviate all your problems.  Also you can practice your ‘James Bond hat throw’ every time you enter.


A coat stand. Now get some coats.


5. A good chair.  As a gentleman you will have to sit a fair bit – it comes with the territory – and you don’t want to be sitting on an uncomfortable chair.  So make sure you have a well made, ideally leather, desk chair.  Chairs are an important thing for people in your position.  Kings have their thrones, directors have those collapsible chairs, Kirk had his captain’s swivel chair and Roosevelt had a wheelchair.  The point? You need a good chair.


Fit for a gentleman.


So there you have it.  Collect the whole set and you’ll be set.

G.O. Brixley