Shaving: The Gentleman way

Hello fellows,

Since a clean appearance is one of the leading priorities of the gentleman, an upkeep of facial hair growth is an everyday necessity, although it must be done with style and/or panache.


Cary Grant in a lather


Many forms of shaving have been presented to men over the past two centuries (before that most gentlemen sported the biblical look) although efficiency has become a primary concern at times like these. Many razor companies have introduced shaving utensils that take out the effort and overall chic of shaving. The gentleman must submit himself to shaving properly.


A German Dovo Solingen Razor



Steson’s Little Wonder Razor


The straight razor was the most common utensil until 1950 when the safety razor was introduced and took the elegance out of shaving. Please note: Straight razors can be dangerous if you’re a complete philistine, although for the amateur gentleman accidents can happen.


Van-Gogh wasn't a philistine but he was a drunk. Don't drink and shave.


A leather strop will also prove useful when sharpening your razor to avoid cropping your face with a butter knife.  A Badger brush is also needed for lathering and applying shaving soap to your hairy areas. Please note: use traditional barber soap for maximum smoothness of cheeks.


A badger brush.



A leather strop.


If kept it to a strict routine any gentleman has the potential to succeed in shaving appropriately.  Also please remember to save the Scotch until after you shave.


C.M. Badger