Breakfast of gentlemen

Hello there,
Someone asked me the other day ‘What do gentleman eat for breakfast? Surely it’s not Scotch.’  The answer is no, it’s not Scotch. But it can be.


Breakfast? Sure why not.


A gentleman’s breakfast is not a definite recipe. One might have english muffins with jam one morning and the next morning they might have marmalade. Diversity at it’s best.


A good looking spread.


Accompanying the main breakfast should be a nice tea. Tea being one of the only nonalcoholic drinks permissible for a gentleman to drink.

In general terms, food is a good breakfast for a gentlemen but it’s not a necessary.  For instance you might have a smoke (pipe, cigarette or cigar) with a black coffee, the only permissible type of coffee a gentleman may consume.


Frank Sinatra's breakfast on the go.


Or one might have a double Scotch and a quick 9 holes for breakfast. Variety is the spice of life.


A quick 9 holes of breakfast with friends.


Talking about spice, a nice vindaloo is a good pick-me-up after a night of merriment.

So there you have it.

G.O. Brixley