Getting around.

Good day,

A gentleman is always in high demand. One can barely go an hour without being invited to a soiree, asked for his urgent attendance at a golf tournament or challenged to a race around the world. Hence a gentleman must know how to travel in style.


If your acquaintances at the Reform Club set you a challenge, don’t hesitate to enjoy a dram during the undertaking.


Unless absolutely necessary, a gentleman must avoid buses and electric trains. Trams (henceforth referred to as streetcars) are acceptable only if they have a dining carriage. Steam trains may also be used at a pinch.


Some gentleman on their way to an urgent cigar forum


If the requisite public transport is not available, a gentleman should procure a handsome cab or a private car to transport himself. Failing this, a swift walk to your destination will not only earn you a well-deserved cigar but give your moustache a smooth, svelte appearance upon arrival.


Gentleman do not need fancy “altimeters” or “copilots”. A well tied tie and a protective leather cap is all this gentleman needs.


International travel is another question altogether. If a biplane or hot air balloon is not available, one must politely refuse the request of the foreign dignitary and suggest a more suitable time or location. If, though, exceptional circumstances arise such as an invitational as St Andrews, a steam ship is a gentleman’s only option.


This steam ship has a chimney connected to the smoking room.


H.L. Griffiths