A gentleman is always prepared.

Hello there,

Some people ask me “Brixley, how do you keep so on-top of these gentlemanly activities?” to which I merely reply “A gentleman is always prepared.”


Cary Grant poised and ready for action.


You see the life of a gentleman is unpredictable and chaotic.  You never know when you will need to, at the drop of a hat, enjoy a smoke with a foreign dignitary, play 18 holes with an old school friend, sip a fine Islay single malt whiskey with a prospective employer or swill a robust shiraz with the Governor-General.  Therefore it pays to be prepared.

There are a few essential items that a gentleman should carry on his person at all times.  These include; a spare cigar, a cigar lighter, backup matches and a corkscrew (make sure you pre-cut your cigars, it saves time which you can measure on your wristwatch).


Matches, cigar Lighter, cigar and the ever trustworthy corkscrew.


Of course you should also have your wallet, keys and telephone on you at all times as well, but that’s a given, so quit hassling me.  Now I hear you ask, “Why would I need a corkscrew?” and the answer is “For your emergency 05 Shiraz”


The emergency 05 Shiraz

The emergency 05 Shiraz


You never know when you will need an emergency alcoholic drink.  I suggest keeping one in every room of your house, your car, your office and buried in the botanic gardens.  This is not because you are a borderline alcoholic, it’s so that you will never be without a drink when you need one.


Make sure you remember where you buried that case of Cabernet Sauvignon or you'll look as grumpy as this group of gentlemen.


Red wine is a good drink to have on hand since it has a lower alcohol content than Scotch and it doesn’t need to be refrigerated.  On the other hand, red wine isn’t Scotch and should only be used when you know the person you intend to drink with doesn’t like Scotch, otherwise known as a lady.


A piquant drop.


For all the rest of the times, I recommend a nice Islay single malt.

So now you  have the basic tools to go about your gentlemanly business safe in the knowledge that you will be able to fulfill anything that life throws at you.


Sean Connery tired after a days work of gentlemanly activities.


G.O. Brixley