Gentlemen wear watches.

Hello there,

Today I’m going to talk about watches.  The watch is an essential instrument for the gentleman, without which he would not be able to know what time he arranged a smoke for, when to tee off, or when supper technically starts.


G.O. Brixley's timepiece


I should point out that just wearing a watch does not a gentleman make.  However to truly be a gentleman one should invest in this nifty time piece.  The fob is an adequate substitute but one should probably wait until they have gray hair before they start to carry one.


An adequate watch-substitute for the 40+


The earliest form of time keeping came from savages using sun dials about 3500 years ago.  In these tribes the more noble and educated savages would sport portable sun dials with which to tell the time.  Needless to say, these gentleman savages were the ones placing their animal pelts over puddles for lady savages and standing up at the dinner log when a lady savage either arrived or left the devouring of the days kill.


Early gentleman showing off his wristwatch.


Now I know these days people have the time on their mobile phones but this does not and shall not be a replacement for the gentleman.  If someone asks you for the time, they don’t want you to get your phone out, they could have done the same thing, but you literally have the time on your wrist, you can’t buy efficiency like that, unless you purchase a watch.

G.O. Brixley