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Hello there,

So how was your golf while you were waiting?  Good? Excellent.  But do you know the origins of golf?

Let me tell you.  Golf was invented, like all good things, by the Scots.  What the Scottish shepherds used to do is try to hit stones into rabbits’ holes with sticks and not much has changed since then.  This was a popular pastime and was actually played on the current site of the Old Course at St. Andrews.


St. Andrews Golf Club: Paradise


You know what St. Andrews is of course.  It is the oldest golf course in the entire universe.  St. Andrews is to gentlemen as Mecca is to Muslims.  At least once in every gentleman’s life he must make a pilgrimage to St. Andrews and play a round on it’s hallowed turf.


The gentleman's bible.


You should also try to get your own Rules of Golf book.  Not only will you be able to read it leisurely on public transport, the Rules of Golf book is bulletproof and can be carried over the heart for protection.


The word of God.


So there you go.

Sean Connery once said “The penitent man shall pass”, what he forgot to add was, “unless his bag exceeds fourteen clubs.”


A gentleman's strength flows from golf.


G.O. Brixley