Hello all,

As you know, or as you shall know, this blog will be including gentlemen’s fashion.

Because of this I thought I would give you some inspiration to help you dress yourself whilst this blog is still under construction.


You can't go wrong with a tux.


The tuxedo is to gentlemen’s clothing as a diamond is to a lady’s hand.  It is a fail-safe.  The tuxedo is the ultimate gentleman getup.

However the tuxedo cannot and probably shouldn’t be deployed at all times.  If you were called to an emergency gentleman’s stroll along the beach front what would you wear?  Have a guess.


Correct. A good guess.


But wait, you get a telegram calling you into the office.  Better swing past your abode and change into some more fitting attire.


More fitting attire.


So there you have it.  Some simple sketches to help you in your pursuit for that gentleman style.

Soon you and your friends will be looking like these three gentlemen.


This could be you.


Happy shopping.

G.O. Brixley